Save now,
buy later

With the powered wishlist app that helps you get the stuff you want.

Your new way to shop


Shop anywhere

Live your life as you normally do. Once you see something you like, drop it into your Wishlist.

Shopping with Monorail
Monorail Wishlist

Share to Monorail

Make your life and shopping easier by having all your items in one place. So you always know what’s at the top of your list.


Fund your list

Connect your bank account, and give yourself a daily, weekly, or monthly allowance.

Monorail wishlist autopilot savings
Monorail wishlist savings on autopilot

Track your progress

As that one number grows, you’ll see what items you’re closest to getting.


Buy when you’re ready

Just hit the button to complete your transaction. Now, what else can you get on your Wishlist?

Monorail wishlist item is ready to buy
Person using their Monorail debit card to shop instead of buy now pay later.


With a dedicated shopping card

When you’re ready to buy, make your purchase with the Monorail Visa debit card. (Or transfer the funds back to your bank.)

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The wishlist app that helps you live your best life

“The wishlist actually makes me want to save more of my money.”

“I feel so relieved to not be constantly checking my open tabs and carts. I can spend so much more time doing other things now.”

“I like that I can add items I want, but there’s also a spot for those other goals & experiences that don’t really fit. I can really keep it all in one place.”

Shop responsibly

Don’t let your impulse today interfere with your dreams for tomorrow.

With buy now pay later & credit cards, you may end up paying more for an item that you really wanted.

With Monorail, there’s no risk, no guilt, no stress, and less overspending.

Just do what’s best for you.

Save now, buy later. Monorail app phone screen.

Shopping before

Aimless or impulse purchases

Buying things without noticing how often you’re buying things

Busted budget, relying on motivation to save

Added buy now pay later or credit card fees

Managing repayment schedules

The things you want scattered across the internet

Items you want cluttering your phone (and brain)

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed, managing (and checking on) your wanted items

Feeling guilty for buying the things you want

Shopping with Monorail

Purposeful purchases (And maybe an impulse purchase here or there. Hey, no one’s perfect.)

Knowing exactly where your money is going (& how much)

Staying in-budget, motivation-free

No repayment hassle

Everything you want in one place

Clear phone, clear mind

Really liking the thing you bought and having no regrets

Buying with Monorail

Person using their Monorail wishlist instead of buy now pay later.

Buying with Buy Now Pay Later & Credit Cards

Person using buy now pay later rather their the Monorail wishlist to buy the stuff they want. Red past due flags show extra charges.

All the things you want (and need).

All in one wishlist app.

Unlimited Wishlist items

Cash back rewards* auto-transferred to your Wishlist Fund

Add items via URL & share button

Dedicated shopping budget

Scheduled deposits to your Wishlist Fund

Item prioritization & filtering

Easy connect your existing bank account

Easy opt-in for the Monorail Visa debit card

No cost checking account with Monorail

Roundups on purchases auto-sent to your Wishlist Fund

Transparent transaction records

Tap to pay with the physical card when you’re out & about

And dream bigger with traditional savings features

Set up your account in less than 5 minutes

Chat with support & get real human help



money transfers

data encryption & biometric security