Save Now, Buy Later

The powered wishlist app that helps you save for the things you want.

Person holding cup of coffee and their phone, using the Monorail wishlist app.woman holding phoneA person using a wishlist app on their phone, smiling and enjoying a cup of coffee.
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All your items
in one place

Whether it’s something you just saw on IG or an item that’s been in your bookmarks for a year, put all your Wishlist items in the same place.
So you don’t lose sight of the things you really want.

Wishlist app screen showing a list of items
Wishlist app screen showing an item is ready to buy from the wishlist.

Your power

your Wishlist

You can want it. And have it. Connect your bank account to your Wishlist.
So you can tuck away savings and roundups on autopilot. To put your money towards something real.

Wishlist fund

Know how much
you can spend

It’s like an allowance for grownups. With one dedicated fund, you’ll always know if you have the green light to buy. So you have confidence to make the best money decisions for you.

Wishlist app screen showing someone has bought an item from their wishlist
Person holding Monorail debit card

Debit card

Buy when
you’re ready

When you’re ready to add-to-cart, make your purchase with the Monorail Visa debit card.

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Want responsibly

Don’t let your impulse today interfere with your dreams for tomorrow.

Manage all your wants and dreams in the same app. Intuitive design. Simple systems. So you can buy things with the money you actually have.

See how the Wishlist works
Wishlist app shown on a phone screen.

The wishlist app that helps you live your best life

"I’m obsessed. Check my wishlist every day to see what I can buy."

"The wishlist actually makes me want to save more of my money."


And I can prioritize what I want to buy..."

All the capabilities you need.

All in one money saving app.

Unlimited Wishlist items

Scheduled deposits to your Wishlist Fund

Add items via URL & share button

Easy connect your existing bank account

Roundups on purchases auto-sent to your Wishlist Fund

Free checking account with Monorail

Easy opt-in for the Monorail Visa debit card

Dedicated shopping budget

Cash back rewards* auto-transferred to your Wishlist Fund

Dream bigger with traditional savings features

Set up your account in less than 5 minutes

Chat with support & get real human help