Retirement Accounts

Invest early.
Retire happy.

At Monorail, we're dedicated to empowering your retirement journey with a range of comprehensive account options.

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Why choose monorail for retirement?

Monorail offers more than just retirement accounts; we provide peace of mind. With our user-friendly app, personalized investment strategies, and access to expert advice, you can make informed decisions and stay on track toward your retirement objectives.

Secure your financial future today.

Thousands of Holdings

Globally Diversified

Automatic Rebalancing

Start planning your retirement today

Your retirement dreams deserve to become a reality. Take the first step towards securing your future by exploring Monorail's retirement account offerings.

Retirement account choices

Traditional IRA

Tax advantages and contributions for retirement savings

Roth IRA

Tax-free withdrawals and flexibility for retirement planning


Ideal for self-employed and small business retirement planning

Rollover IRA

Seamlessly transfer funds from employer-sponsored plans to invest

Your future starts here.

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$20 Referral Reward

For a limited time, Monorail is offering a $20
reward when you refer a friend to the app.

This referral reward is only available to new
customers who sign up for Monorail and enter the
referral code they have received from an active
Monorail user.

How to qualify

  • Sign up
  • Open a Monorail account
  • Deposit into that account
  • Friends must also sign up, open a Monorail account, and deposit into the account
  • Receive a $20 reward after referred friends received their signup bonus

How do I refer a friend?

In the menu / referrals section of  the app there is a code that can be copied and sent to the referred person, a link that can be shared with a referred person, a share option that allows to share the link by standard phone sharing options.

What action does the referred friend have to do?

A referred person, when signing in has to enter the referral code received. For the referral to be
accepted and bonus to be sent to the referring
person, the referred user has to fulfill the conditions of  the signup bonus program.

What reward will I receive?

Monorail will send you a $20 cash bonus for signing up and referring friends.

The funds deposited as bonus amounts can’t be
withdrawn from the app within 6 months from the
date of  receiving the bonus. The funds can be invested into any product available in the Monorail app and can stay after this 6 month period.

For additional questions, please contact Customer Support at