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Why Monorail?

Because what a company stands for matters.

You have two votes. One is at the ballot box and another is with your wallet. Make sure the company you pay to help manage your wealth believes in the same values you do.

Invest where your values are.

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Harness the power of the free market

The American economy was built on the power of ingenuity, innovation, and the free market. Monorail makes it easy to expose your long-term dollars to that same engine. Utilize the economic power that built our country.


Invest like an academic.

Investing can be tricky. Monorail makes it easy. With a simple tap, our Patriot Portfolio™ gives you the power to invest like a Nobel Prize winning academic without having to be one.

Thousands of holdings. Globally diversified. Automatic.

It takes 5 minutes to get started.

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Don’t go somewhere else to trade stocks.

Most apps force you to do long-term investing and stock trading with two apps. Not Monorail. We give you the freedom to purchase whole or fractional shares in the companies you believe in most.


Want to own gold? Buying it is easy.

Own what goverments can’t create. Gold, silver, oil, and other commodities are easy to purchase with Monorail. Make some of these precious assets a part of your investments with a few taps.

Donate. We’ll cover the fee.

Give to your favorite non-profits. No donation fees.
It’s one of the ways we give back.

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