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The Patriot Portfolio™

In God we trust. In America we invest.

Invest in our Patriot Portfolio™, a mixture of companies who all align with American values.

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Invest in companies that hold the same values as you.

The Patriot Portfolio™ includes companies that believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Christian Values
The American Dream
Individual Liberty
Free Enterprise

Based on nobel prize academics

Thousands of Holdings

Globally Diversified

Automatic Rebalancing

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Your security is our priority.

Monorail prioritizes security and invests significantly in it. Your data is safeguarded by:

Bank-Level Encryption
Two-Factor Authentication
Biometric Protection

Join the movement.

It is our turn as patriots to stand up. With our voices, with our actions and with our money.

Know more about the companies you’re investing in.

Make sure the company you pay to help manage your wealth believes in the same values you do.

Patriot Portfolio FAQs

What is the Patriot Portfolio™?

We believe today’s investors often have no choice but to invest in companies that conflict with their values. The Patriot Portfolio™ provides investors with an opportunity to invest in companies that prioritize profitability over politics and align with conservative values.

What companies are included in the Patriot Portfolio™?

To start, companies engaged in left-wing activism (for example, making political statements that are unrelated to their business operations) are removed. The remaining investment options are organized by their respective sectors, market capitalization, and the number of jobs they contribute to. Following this, the top 3-4 stocks in each sector are identified and assigned weights based on both sector and business market capitalization. There are hundreds of companies included in the Patriot Portfolio™ and all holdings are subject to change. Here are a few examples: Tesla Inc., Public Storage, AmgenInc., Martin Marietta Materials Inc., The Boeing Co., The Sherwin-Williams Co., Copart Inc., Tyson Foods, and The Charles Schwab Corp. The portfolio also includes a series of bonds and additional ETFs to ensure stability and profitablity. For more information on the specific ETFs in the Patriot Portfolio™ visit:

How does Monorail select Patriot Portfolio™ companies?

The Impact Scoring Methodology by Inspire assesses a company’s alignment with biblical values, making it a globally recognized faith-based investment scoring system. The Inspire Impact Score evaluates a company’s alignment with biblical values, ranging from -100 to +100, with +100 indicating the highest alignment. For example, Amazon has an Inspire Impact score of -100. The Inspire Fidelis Multi Factor ETF has an overall score of +49 and is one of the three ETFs in the Patriot Portfolio™.

Are conservative companies less compliant with labor and environmental rules?

In our opinion, non-ESG companies are more compliant with labor and environmental rules than ESG companies. For example, in a recent study, researchers compared ESG performance between U.S. companies in 147 ESG fund portfolios and 2,428 non-ESG portfolios. Their findings revealed that companies within the ESG portfolios exhibited poorer compliance records for both labor and environmental regulations.

What values are upheld by the companies in the Patriot Portfolio™?

The calculation of the Inspire Impact Score ascertains a company’s involvement with sixteen (16) negative issue categories (Abortion Legislation, Exploitation, Alcohol, Abortion Philanthropy, LGBT Legislation, Gambling, Abortifacients, LGBT Philanthropy, Pornography, Abortion Services, LGBT Promotion, Tobacco, Abortion Promotion, State Owned Enterprise, Cannabis: THC Retail, Embryonic Stem Cells, Cannabis: Cultivation, and In Vitro Fertilization) as well as twenty-six (26) broadly accepted positive issue “materiality categories” defined by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Air Quality, Energy Management, Water & Wastewater Management, Waste & Hazardous Materials Management, Ecological Impacts, Human Rights & Community Relations, Customer Privacy, Data Security, Access & Affordability, Product Quality & Safety, Customer Welfare, Selling Practices & Product Labeling, Labor Practices, Employee Health & Safety, Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, Product Design & Lifecycle Management, Business Model Resilience, Supply Chain Management, Materials Sourcing & Efficiency, Physical Impacts of Climate Change, Business Ethics, Competitive Behavior, Management of the Legal & Regulatory Environment, Critical Incident Risk Management, and Systemic Risk Management).

Do the ethical rules of the Patriot Portfolio™ affect its performance?

The Inspire Fidelis Multi Factor ETF aims to offer investment opportunities in well-performing companies (market capitalization above $250 million) that exhibit growth and momentum, all at a reasonable price. FDLS comprises securities from large to small/mid-cap firms (40% to 60% allocation) while sector and industry regulations maintain diversification. To maintain diversification, we’ve implemented sector and industry regulations. We realize that responsible investors will feel the need to consider how factors like the faith-based Inspire Impact Score may impact their portfolios’ performance. We maintain that achieving favorable returns and upholding ethical values are not conflicting goals. You can be confident that data from Inspire shows that stocks with positive Inspire Impact Scores typically outperform those with negative scores. While past performance doesn’t assure future outcomes, the connection between improved returns and higher alignment with biblical values, as gauged by the Inspire Impact Score, should prompt faith-based investors to contemplate its potential portfolio impact. There’s no assurance any investment strategy will achieve its goals. The provided data is for information purposes and should not be viewed as investment advice.

Invest proudly. Start today.

Set up a diversified portfolio managed by our experts while taking a stand against big corporate interests.

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“Monorail is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to invest their money like a pro or any experienced investor who wants to put their money where their values are.”

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