Stay on track

No motivation required. Outsmart your old saving methods. By planning your purchases, big and small.

Person holding a phone with the savings goals features on screen.

Your easiest route
from Point A to Point B

Save with Tracks.


Dream it

Whether you need an emergency fund, want to save for a project, or are looking to take a weekend trip, you can plan for those higher-dollar expenses. (While keeping some spending money in your dedicated Wishlist Fund.)

Savings goals app screen shown with various goals listed.
Savings goals with color and photo personalization.

Make your goals personal

Your goals are unique to you and your journey. Give it a title. Write a description. Update the photo. So you can bring your goal to life. And remind yourself of the bigger picture.


Set realistic

Input how much you’ll need to save. Choose your goal deadline. And see how you may need to adjust your savings strategy. So you can manage your finances in the best way.

Savings goals shown with an automated funding schedule tool.
Savings goals with automatic bank transfers feature shown via app screen.

Save on autopilot

Motivation won’t help you reach your goals. What it comes down to – is discipline. Automate money transfers from your bank account to your goals on your schedule. So you stay consistent to reach your goals on time. Whether you feel motivated or not.


Fund multiple goals

Split your savings deposit in a single transfer. And put your money exactly where you want it.

Dream & Do

Friends hiking, showing a short term savings goal adventure.
Holiday to Grand Canyon
Ready to Book
Person working in a cafe on their laptop, showing someone trying to achieve their savings goal.
Start freelance business
Inventory ordered
Friends enjoying a night in, showing how your savings goals can be for the enjoyable moments.
Remodel kitchen
Ready to Buy

The simplest way to save money and stay on track

“This app has helped me save money so quickly...”

“I've stayed on track, and I love seeing the amount grow.”

“Great interface, easy to use, and actually helps me...”

Saving yesterday

Relying on motivation

One savings account for all your funds

Unclear savings buckets for your various goals

Pulling money out of savings for your spending distractions

Or maybe you don’t save at all.

Saving with Monorail

Automated savings

Separate savings accounts for each of your Tracks

Clearly defined goals & amounts

Progress updates as you go

Separation between your Tracks and your Wishlist Fund

Making progress.

You don’t have to keep putting off your dreams.

You just need the right app to help you get there.

Unlimited savings Tracks

Automated savings deposits

Personalized goals

Savings targets & recommended adjustments

Scheduled savings deposits

Multi-Track deposit splits

Track prioritization

Free savings accounts

Easy transfers from savings to checking

Plan for smaller purchases with your Wishlist

No motivation required

Chat with support & get real human help


insured tracks

money transfers

data encryption & biometric security