What is the Patriot Portfolio™?


In today's complex financial world, many seek to align their investments with their values. The Patriot Portfolio™ offers a Christian-based approach, integrating faith principles with financial strategies. This article explores its foundations, significance, and methods, guiding those who wish to invest ethically and responsibly while making a positive societal impact.

Christian-Based Investing

Monorail investing strategy integrates faith principles with financial decision-making. This approach aims to align investment choices with Christian values, promoting ethical practices, stewardship, and social responsibility. The objective is to generate financial returns while upholding moral integrity and positively impacting society.

An Introduction to the Patriot Portfolio™

Definition and Scope

Christian-based investing, also known as faith-based or values-based investing, involves making investment decisions that reflect Christian ethics and teachings. This practice goes beyond financial gain, emphasizing stewardship, moral integrity, and social impact. It seeks to avoid investments in companies or industries that contradict Christian values and to support those that promote ethical and sustainable practices.

Importance and Relevance

In a world where financial markets significantly influence societal norms and behaviors, Christian-based investing offers a framework for believers to steward their resources in ways that honor their faith. This approach allows investors to contribute to positive societal change while achieving their financial goals.

Theological Foundations


Christian-based investing is grounded in the biblical concept of stewardship. According to Scripture, everything belongs to God, and humans are caretakers of His creation (Psalm 24:1). This perspective encourages responsible management of financial resources, emphasizing the need to invest in ways that honor God and benefit others.

Ethical and Moral Considerations

Christian ethics, derived from the Bible, guide believers in making moral decisions. Fundamental principles include honesty, integrity, justice, and compassion. These values influence investment choices, encouraging avoidance of industries such as pornography, gambling, and tobacco, which are considered harmful and contrary to Christian teachings.

Social Responsibility

The call to love one's neighbor (Mark 12:31) extends to investing. Christian-based investing promotes social justice, environmental stewardship, and support for marginalized communities. It encourages investments in companies that uphold human dignity, environmental sustainability, and ethical governance.

Investment Strategies

Negative Screening

Negative screening excludes companies or industries that do not align with Christian values. Common exclusions include:

  • Adult Entertainment: Avoiding companies involved in pornography or other adult entertainment.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco: Steering clear of investments in companies that produce or promote alcohol and tobacco products.
  • Gambling: Excluding companies involved in gambling activities.

Positive Screening

Positive screening seeks companies demonstrating strong ethical practices, social responsibility, and alignment with Christian values. Criteria include:

  • Environmental Stewardship: Investing in companies that promote sustainable practices and environmental conservation.
  • Human Rights: Supporting companies with fair labor practices and respect for human rights.
  • Community Impact: Investing in companies that contribute positively to their communities through philanthropy and social initiatives.

Challenges and Opportunities


  • Balancing Returns and Values: Ensuring financial returns while adhering to strict ethical guidelines can be challenging.
  • Complexity of Screening: Identifying and evaluating companies based on ethical criteria requires significant research and analysis.
  • Market Limitations: Limited availability of investment options that fully align with Christian values.


  • Growing Interest: Increasing awareness and demand for ethical investing create opportunities for growth in Christian-based investment products.
  • Impact Potential: Christian-based investing has the potential to drive positive societal change by promoting ethical business practices.
  • Faith Community Support: Strong support from faith-based communities can provide a robust foundation for advocacy and influence in financial markets.


Christian-based investing represents a powerful approach to managing financial resources that honors God and promotes ethical practices. By integrating faith principles with investment decisions, believers can achieve financial returns while positively impacting society. Despite challenges, the growing interest in ethical investing presents significant opportunities for individuals and organizations committed to aligning their financial practices with Christian values.

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