What Is a Wish List? What Is a Registry?


A wish list and a registry are different. But only slightly so. See how they help you manage finances and gifts.

If you have ever browsed through e-commerce stores, you have probably come across buttons that suggest you add an item to either a wish list or a registry. These essential features often show up when you’re shopping. When it comes to shopping for products online, you, like many other people, may have been unsure about which to create.

Let’s take a look at the definitions of and differences between wishlists and registries.

What Is a Wish List?

A wishlist is simply a list of items that someone has selected out of interest or need for a later purchase. This is an important feature that helps a customer compare products before completing a purchase or remembering items that have no immediate need. Also, you can add an item to the wish list if the type you want is not available or if you anticipate a price drop (which is an excellent money-saving tip). Usually, the online store will send you email notifications on the item’s availability so you’re kept updated.

How Does a Wish List Work?

When browsing through products in online stores, selecting an item usually gives you an ‘add to wish list’, an ‘add to cart’ button, a heart-it option, among others. All items you have added to the wish list will be available for later viewing, so there are minimal chances of later forgetting an item you desired. Updates on variety, availability, or price deals on an item are sent through emails so the customer can keep track.

A wish list is not just important to customers but the online store too. By adding an item to a wish list, a customer is likely to remember an order and make its purchase when revisiting the site. Additionally, wish lists can sometimes be shared with friends and family on social media through links.

For sellers, keeping an eye on the items that show up frequently on these wish lists is important in deciding the items to sell, and for the retailer, it helps keep stock of items that are likely to be bought most.

What Is a Registry?

A registry is almost similar to a wish list, except it is kept by the store and visible to the public. A registry is mostly used for specific occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and anniversaries to facilitate gift buying. This list is updated whenever an item contained in the list is purchased to minimize the doubling of gifts, which can be disappointing.

How Does a Registry Work?

After setting up a registry, this list is made public, and people can make purchases based on the list you have compiled. Also, with a registry, you can edit the list, adjust the privacy settings, or share the links to it. People can avoid buying duplicate items by checking the registry since purchased items are removed from the registry. Another feature of a registry is that people can buy gifts and have them delivered to your address which comes in handy for those located overseas but would still like to send them.

When Should You Choose a Wish List?

If you are buying items for yourself, making a wishlist is the easy way to go. You can view items that you are interested in but cannot buy immediately and then add them to the list as a means of reminding yourself in the future.

From this list, you can effectively compare products and keep note of the prices, which goes a long way in managing finances. Another advantage of making a wish list is that friends can check it and buy you gifts that suit your tastes. Make sure to choose the best wishlist app for you.

When Should You Choose a Registry?

When having an occasion such as a birthday party or a wedding, make a registry of your preferred items at your favorite store. This list will be visible to your guests and will be updated as purchases are made. This reduces the chances of getting similar or unwanted items, and people are more confident buying gifts since they are following your preferences.

With an online registry, your occasions’ guests can easily purchase, and the gift is often wrapped by the retailer and delivered to you, ensuring an easy process. Online registries also allow you to choose product specifics such as manufacture and price ranges so you can easily control the gifts that reach you.

Why Wish Lists and Registries Are Important

Other than customers monitoring their desired product details and choosing from the most desired, these lists are also important to sellers and retailers. By looking at the most wished items, they can add stock and predict the customers’ requirements and tastes.

Lists and registries are one way of being in control of your purchases. When purchasing with a wish list, you will remember items, get them when the price becomes favorable, or get notified when they are available. They can be considered tools to help you manage your finances rather than resorting to buy now pay later options.

See how Monorail’s Wishlist can help you keep track of the items you want – all in one place.

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