7 Most Affordable Exotic Vacation Destinations


Have it all – beaches, food, views, culture – on your next affordable exotic vacation.

Sometimes planning a vacation getaway can feel like a compromise—you can have great prices or a great location, but not both. Fortunately, while it may feel that way, it's also not strictly true. There are many vacation spots that feel like hidden gems and check all the right boxes. 

Look no further for your next affordable exotic vacation.

7 Affordable Exotic Vacation Destinations

Who said exotic vacation destinations had to be expensive? Whether you're a family on a budget, a college student, or someone looking to take an extended trip, these destinations are sure to impress. You don't have to sacrifice quality beaches, food, and views to take an affordable trip these days.

1. Thailand

Beautiful beaches, interesting food, and up-close encounters with animals are just a few of the joys of visiting Thailand. While worth visiting once, you may generally want to steer clear of Bangkok, which is one of the most expensive places to stay. Once outside the city, there are plenty of things to enjoy. In the Thai currency of Thai Baht (THB), one dollar is about 33 THB. Meals can be extremely inexpensive, averaging about $1.90, while beer comes out to around $2.50. However, cheap transportation and hotels may make up for it.

2. Albania

Albania doesn't get enough recognition, and you may not even realize that it's home to some beautiful beaches along the riviera. One of the cheapest destinations in Europe, Albania boasts white sand beaches and clear blue water. Not to mention, there are also mountains, lakes, and old castles to explore. You can get many of the beautiful Croatian sights without the Croatian prices. In fact, 100 LEK is the equivalent of just under one dollar as of writing. You can expect to pay around $5 on average for a meal and just over a dollar for beer or wine.

3. Greece

Due to their recent economic collapse, there's never been a financially better time to visit Greece. Prices are budget-friendly, and tourism is slowly but surely helping the country build itself back up. Depending on where you go, you can expect beautiful beaches, delicious Mediterranean fare, world-famous architecture, and more. If you're traveling alone on a mid-range budget, the trip could cost about $81 a day.

4. Peru

Peru makes a wonderful cultural expedition, with one-of-a-kind mountain ranges, remnants of the Inca empire, and a rich history. Peru makes for a stunning adventure. While Machu Picchu is one of the most popular attractions in Peru, it should also be noted that it's among the pricier adventures you may take. However, if seeing the 15th-century citadel is on your bucket list, it may be worth the splurge. Especially considering your average Peruvian meal is about $3, and beverages, transportation, and hotels are similarly cheap.

5. Vietnam

If you love to kayak in scenic locations, pack your bags for Vietnam. Halong Bay is a popular kayak destination, with beautiful caves and limestone islands that appear in interesting shapes. If you're a foodie, be sure to check out the many opportunities for street food such as Pho, Bahn Mi, and delicious sweet desserts, among other things. An average meal costs roughly $2.10, while beer and water cost under a dollar. You can even find transportation well under a dollar. Just be aware that nicer hotels and accommodations can be a bit pricey.

6. Dominican Republic

If you're looking for a great resort stay, look no further than the Dominican Republic. Cities like Punta Cana have everything there is to love about resort life, including good prices. If you plan on staying in and enjoying all your resort has to offer, you can cut out transportation costs, for the most part, giving you a bit more wiggle room for food and other fun. Average hotel prices in the DR are around $67, and you can find many all-inclusive resorts for under $150 a night.

7. The Philippines

Is your dream to backpack across the world? The Philippines is a popular destination for first-time backpackers due to great prices. If beaches interest you, or you desire to learn scuba diving, the Philippines might also be for you. While you're trekking across the country, you can see many gorgeous views, such as rice terraces, the Mayon Volcano, and the underground river, Puerto Princesa. The average hotel in the Philippines is $45, with meals around $3 and drinks like beer and coffee just above $2.

How Are You Saving For Your Vacation?

As you can see, you don't have to sacrifice quality to have a beautiful destination vacation. You can have gorgeous views, incredible food, and a brag-worthy experience while staying within budget.

Where are you going, now that you know what's out there? If you're ready to start planning your affordable exotic vacation an app like Monorail can help. Use the app to set savings goals for your trip and make progress toward your budget so when the time comes, you can travel with confidence.

See how saving for your trip with Monorail works.

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