Plan A Vacation On A Budget That Works For Everyone


Wondering how to plan a getaway on a budget with friends? Here are seven pro tips to consider for traveling on a budget that works for everyone.

Traveling with friends is an excellent way to escape everyday life and discover the world.

In addition, traveling with friends is usually much more cost-effective than traveling with a family. But only when planned right.

So, how do you plan a vacation on a budget, and where should you go? Here’s the list of seven pro tips that can help you plan an affordable vacation that works for everyone in your friend group.

7 Tips to Plan a Vacation on a Budget with Friends

1. Consider Destination Options

The first step to planning a vacation on a budget is to research and consider destination options.

Make sure that everyone who wants to go on a vacation participates in choosing the destination.

And most importantly, try to find cheap travel destinations that are more or less budget-friendly. And make sure everyone is comfortable with the associated costs of travel, food, and hotel stays.

The further you go, the more likely your trip’s cost will increase. Also factor in tourist seasons and locations where there may be increased traffic.

2. Create a Vacation Budget that Works for Everyone

How much should you save for your vacation? After choosing your travel destination, it’s important to create a vacation budget that will work for everyone.

First, decide how you’ll get to your destination. Is it by plane, train, bus, or car? Once you know how you plan to commute, you can research the prices and set a certain budget for your transportation. For example, if you’re flying, you can search for the cheapest airline deals. And if you’re driving, you should estimate how much fuel will cost you.

Don’t forget to include budget categories for accommodation, meals, and entertainment as well. Also, make sure not to miss hidden expenses like transportation within your vacation location. And it may also be best to include a little buffer for unforeseen circumstances.

3. Plan in Advance

Planning a vacation is a lot easier and cheaper when you start early. In most cases, you’ll be able to find better deals on airlines and accommodation if you start booking months ahead.

Some of the most important questions to ask your friends that can help you plan include:

• What time of the year are we going on a vacation?

• How many vacation days are we talking about?

• Will this vacation focus more on adventure or relaxation?

• Should we stay in a hotel or a vacation rental like Airbnb?

• How much do we want to spend?

Once you have answers to these questions, nothing stops you from looking for deals and booking your transportation and accommodation.

4. Discuss Your Food Plans

No matter where you decide to travel, you should discuss your food plans. Ask the following questions in your group:

• Will we buy prepared food?

• Will we go to a restaurant to eat?

• Or maybe buy groceries and cook meals ourselves?

• How will we pay at the restaurant - separate checks or one?

Typically, it might be cheaper to prepare food at home, but it all depends on your travel destination and your friends’ preferences.

5. Always Split Vacation Costs

One of the best things about traveling with a group of friends is that you can split checks. Definitely take advantage of this!

Make sure you split all of your vacation costs from airline tickets to Uber rides and even grocery shopping.

Here’s the best way to split the costs:

1. Get one person to pay the bill

2. Divide the amount equally across your friend group

3. Let everyone transfer their share to the person who paid

6. Look for Fun Yet Affordable Things to Do

Vacations are more fun when you plan activities and visit popular attractions in the destination. These usually include visiting museums, famous attraction parks, or places outside the primary location.

However, planning activities shouldn’t rip you off. You can find affordable things to do in your preferred location that will fit everyone’s budget. (And sometimes, the best trips don’t venture too far into touristy spots.)

What’s good, most tourist attractions offer discounted deals on group visits. So definitely look out for deals like these!

And make sure to let everyone know about any attraction options in advance, so nobody feels stretched financially during the trip.

7. Communicate the Financials Throughout the Process

Money is always a touchy subject. Everyone in the group will probably have a different financial situation, even if they don’t speak about it.

That’s why it’s important to make sure that the vacation you’ve planned suits everyone’s budget.

Things happen. And if there are any changes to transportation, accommodation, or anything else, make sure to let everyone know about it and get everyone’s approval before proceeding.

You should also communicate the financials during the vacation as well. Did your meal plan change? Or maybe costs to visit an attraction? Either way, discuss any changes with your group.

Now You Know How to Plan a Vacation on a Budget

Planning a budget-friendly vacation doesn’t mean you have to miss out on any benefits of traveling. It all boils down to doing the proper research in advance, planning your vacation finances, and splitting all costs related to the trip.

Most importantly, make sure to start saving in advance, so you have a budget to spare for your getaway. With Monorail, you can create a savings goal and conveniently start saving money for your next vacation. See how saving with Monorail can work for your next trip.

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