7 Tips & Tricks for Cheap Travel


Travel without sacrificing your wallet by using these 7 cheap travel tips and tricks.

Sometimes it can seem like traveling is a luxurious and expensive affair that you need many thousands of dollars to enjoy. But, while traveling can be a privilege, you don't always need to save up thousands to be able to enjoy a nice getaway. In fact, there are several ways that you can get the most out of your adventures without having to sacrifice your entire savings.

7 Tips And Tricks For Cheap Travel

1. Be Sure to Plan Ahead

While spontaneous trips can be extremely appealing, if you want to go on a big adventure, especially internationally, it's important that you plan. With proper planning, you won't be paying for last-minute airfare or booking fees that are usually way more costly than a reservation placed months ahead of time. Additionally, if you start planning your trip early, you'll have a better sense of the activities you want to do on your trip. With those loose plans made, you can use the time leading up to your trip to search for coupons or deals.

2. Set a Budget

How much should you save for your vacation? Always set a budget when traveling. Give yourself a firm dollar amount you can spend before you begin looking at activities and accommodations. Once you have that amount set, you should only search for items within that price range. This should help you avoid spending unnecessary dollars by perusing prices before you understand how much you can really spend. You can create your affordable vacation goals for your trip by using an app like Monorail.

3. Travel Out of Season

Most destinations will have a peak season where they are busier than other parts of the year. This can cause an influx in prices on things like flights, hotels, and popular attractions. When you choose where you want to travel, do some research on what time of the year is less busy than typical. If you're able to complete all of your desired activities without having to travel during peak season, you could potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars.

4. Track Flight Prices

It's no secret that one of the most expensive parts of traveling is airfare, and, unfortunately, there can sometimes be very little wiggle room on the cost. You can use several resources to alert you when your desired flights are at their cheapest or when there are mistake fares.

Hopper is an app that you can download directly onto your smartphone and send you notifications whenever there is a price change. All you have to do is enter your departure airport and destination, desired dates, and the app will alert you based on previous trends on that type of ticket.

Another resource that can be used is Scott's Cheap Flights. With this app, you enter the top destinations you want to go to, and when there is an abnormally cheap flight or mistake fare to that destination, you will immediately be alerted.

5. Cost Over Comfort

Choosing cost over comfort when it comes to flights or accommodations may not be for everyone, but if you are really looking to cut corners on your spending, consider checking out budget airlines or hostels in safe locations that could save you a ton of dollars. If you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of comfort, like extra legroom, choosing your own seat, or an extravagant king-sized bed, you could have extra cash in your pocket to enjoy more activities. However, keep in mind that sacrificing a little bit of comfort does not mean you have to sacrifice safety!

6. Be Flexible

While it's always nice to have an idea of what you want to do on your travels, it's also important to go into any trip with an understanding that sometimes, not everything goes to plan. You may get to your destination and realize that you overspent and need to cut out an activity you had planned for cost, and that's OK! Instead of going to the art museum with the entry fee, take a stroll in a local neighborhood or another free activity that can be just as enjoyable.

7. Use a Perk Card

With countless credit cards options on the market, there are a few debit card options that provide perks or cash back for your trips. For example, Monorail offers a no cost debit card for you to use to book your trips, and when you do so you can get automatic cash back.

But if you choose a credit card, just remember the free travel points come at a cost. Keep in mind that applying for any new credit accounts will be a hard pull on your credit score, and you will have to pay interest if you cannot pay the full statement balance by the cycle end date.

Travel Smarter, Not Harder

Obtaining the coveted title of world traveler does not always have to come at a ridiculously high cost. Having a vacation on a budget can still reap great rewards. Having a plan and knowing your resources to cut costs can set you up for success on your travels and help you experience even more.

Start saving for your trip with Monorail and see if booking with the debit card would be worth your while.

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