Best Goal Setting Tools To Get You On Track


Take your dream life and make it happen with these goal setting tools.

Goal setting is an important stage on the road to fulfilling your dreams. But to reach your targets, we first need to set them. Without defined money goals, it’s too easy to become lazy and let these dreams fall by the wayside.

If you are dipping your toes in the world of goal setting, then it’s perfectly normal to feel a little overwhelmed. Fortunately, today we have many easy goal setting tools at our disposal. When used correctly, these tools can provide the jumpstart we need to succeed.

The Importance of Setting and Tracking Goals

Setting a goal and tracking it is a great way to instill a sense of long-term vision accompanied by short-term motivation. Goals give us focus; they help us to measure progress and to overcome procrastination. They are like destinations on a map—you can see them and take pride in that you are on the way to reaching them. 

Like many, our financial goals change over time as our priorities shift. One day you might want to plan a vacation or become a home owner, while the next, you might want to top up a pension fund. Using goal setting tools is one of the most efficient ways to stay on track with these changes and give ourselves the potential to achieve more. 

Traditional Goal Setting Tools

Most of us have a mobile device within arm’s reach at all times of the day, and they are perfect for making text and voice notes while on the move. But there’s an underestimated power in writing down your goals. 

Writing down goals can help you clarify exactly what you want to achieve and how specific the goal is. Written goals serve as constant reminders and activate your subconscious mind. When you write down a goal, you make it easier to review and look at. Then, when the goal has been achieved, it can be removed satisfactorily from a list. 

Believe it or not, there are still plenty of people that prefer a physical tool to plan their lives and write down their ideas and ambitions. If you fall into this category, then the following might be the best goal setting tools for you. 

Write Your Goals in a Journal

A journal provides an opportunity to create a blueprint of your dream life. It’s a space for you to write down your goals in as much detail as you want. You can allocate pages to add notes as you progress and to write down your thoughts on specific goals, both positive and overcoming bad habits. You can even use it to reassess your previous successes during times of frustration.

This is one of the best goal setting tools to carry with you. A journal can be opened at almost any time to add new ideas and remind yourself of short and long-term ambitions. As it’s dedicated only to your goals, you’ll be less tempted to switch from it to your social media accounts like you might if using a virtual tool. 

Add Your Goals to Post-It Notes

Everyone has probably used a post-it note at least once in their lifetime, even if for something as simple as a groceries list. Post-it notes are cheap, compact, and readily available at office supply stores and the stationary sections of supermarkets. They’re also powerful goal setting tools as they can be placed strategically to grasp your attention.

Sticking post-it notes on the bathroom mirror is one of the most popular ways for fulfilling your goals. You can go over them while carrying out your morning ritual, for instance, when brushing your teeth. Then, before going to bed, you can reevaluate their progress and prepare yourself for the next day. Immediate goals can be duplicated and stuck on a phone, wallet, or an office corkboard. 

Once the goals are complete, you can cross them off or triumphantly remove the note altogether.

List Your Goals on a Whiteboard

If you have the space for a whiteboard, you can utilize it as an easy goal setting tool similar to post-it notes. You’ll have a large surface to use as a creative space for however many goals you wish to set. Different colors can be employed to highlight specific goals, new ideas, and thoughts.

A major advantage of a whiteboard is your ability to have all of your goals visible in one place. You can make sections by day, week, month, year, or whatever your preferred timeframe is. It then serves as a convenient place to review everything goal-related without the need to switch back and forth between apps and webpages. 

Online Goal Setting Tools

Of course, the constantly evolving digital world means that we can now access, track and make changes to pretty much everything that’s going on in our daily lives by simply picking up your phone. When it comes to your finances, Monorail is a convenient way to set your financial goals – like saving enough to go on vacation or buy your dream watch – all within reach.

The app allows you to set your goals down to the last cent and to create a wishlist for all the stuff you want, regardless of how big or small they are. An in-built tool also makes it simple for you to fund all of your goals with one single payment—you set the amounts, and we’ll make sure your goals are funded accordingly. And that you’ll stick to your spending budget.

Easy Goal Setting Tools for a Successful Future

Getting into the habit of regularly setting, tracking, and evaluating your goals is one of the many ways that you can plan for both the near and distant future. Each of the tools we’ve mentioned will put you on the right track, and it’s up to you to determine which is best for you.

If you’re goals have a financial element, Monorail can help you jumpstart your journey. See how Monorail can help you set your goals.

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